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"Will people be able to see the scars from my breast augmentation surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWill people be able to see the scars from my breast augmentation surgery?


I think it would defeat the purpose if others could see my scars. How common is scarring?


The presence of absence of scars with a plastic surgery depend somewhat on the surgeon and the type of breast augmentation surgery you have. The most common type of breast implant surgery requires an incision just underneath the breast where and implant can be placed. This approach is the most common because it is the easiest method to produce a favorable aesthetic result. There is usually a small scar underneath the breast that would only be visible if the breast were physically raised. Plastic surgeons are very adept at closing wounds with minimal scaring. Other approaches to breast augmentation surgery include the axial approach and the umbilical approach. These approaches are where the incisions are made in the armpits or the belly button respectively. This makes it so no incisions need to be made on the breasts themselves. This approach is favorable because of the lack of scars, but is more difficult technically. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon and ask him or her this question. Your doctor will explain to you the approach that would take place in your operation. Most of them will have pictures of augmentation surgery that they have done so that you can see if the amount of scaring is acceptable to you.

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