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"Will I need a surgical consultation before getting my breasts enlarged?"


What will I need to discuss before I can have the procedure?


Before anyone undergoes an operation, there must be an outpatient doctor's visit in which the surgical procedure is discussed. This is called the surgical consultation. The purpose of this visit is for you to meet the surgeon, his or her staff, and anyone else that will be involved with the procedure.

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You will then decide with the surgeon which breast enlargement procedure is appropriate for you. There are several approaches each with there own risks and benefits. You will need a general physical exam and some basic blood work so that the surgeon knows you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. You may even get a chance to look at some before and after photographs which will show what a breast enlargement will look like on you. Your surgeon will also review all the drawbacks of the procedure so that you can weigh those against the pros of the procedure. Your next step is to schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon. He or she will review all of that information with you so that you can make the most informed decisions. If you are unhappy with the consultation, you can always schedule an another appointment with a different surgeon. Good luck.

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