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"Is a surgical consultation required if I want to shrink my nose?"


I am 40 and want to make my nose smaller. Will I need to talk to someone other than a plastic surgeon before this can happen?


Cosmetic surgery of the nose is a very popular procedure. It is generally performed by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, and there is generally no need to consult with another doctor prior to your appointment with your plastic surgeon. There are exceptions to this rule however.

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For example, if you have any significant medical problems, such as diabetes, a heart problem, a bleeding problem, cancer, etc, your plastic surgeon will probably want you to get clearance from your primary care doctor prior to undergoing surgery. Assuming that you do not have major problems and do not take any major prescription medications, this should not be an issue. To start with, set up an appointment with the plastic surgeon. They will help you to determine which type of cosmetic procedure is right for you. Don't forget that these cosmetic procedures are not entirely without risk. Like any other form of surgery, they can result in problems from anesthesia medicines, bleeding, and infection. Furthermore, there is recovery time after the surgery that you will have to build into your schedule. However, in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, the risk from this type of cosmetic surgery are generally pretty minimal.

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