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"How many surgical follow ups will I need after a face lift?"


Will I need to get touchups every now and again?


In general, with regards to the amount of follow ups and what will be done during these follow ups, it is best to discuss these questions with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery. It is recommended that during your preoperative consultation, you discuss with your surgeon at length issues related to wound care, pain control, length of stay in the hospital, and the risk, benefits, alternatives, and personnel involved with the procedure. Having this open dialogue prior to surgery is a good way to encourage open communication with your surgeon, and help you know what to expect after your surgery is finished.

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Depending on what type of procedure you are having done, there is a possibility that at a later point you may need further surgeries done. You can ask your surgeon what percentage of people that he operates on require some sort of procedure at a later time to get a better idea of how common this is in their practice. Again, this is something to discuss with your surgeon because he or she will be best able to answer these questions as they will know your medical history, clinical exam, and presenting symptoms.

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