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"How can I reduce the swelling in my neck?"


Is the swelling in the back of my neck normal? It feels strange and puffy.


A swelling in the back of the neck could be caused by one of many different things. While most of them are benign and end up being nothing at all, they should all be evaluated by a qualified physician. It sounds like this abnormality came without any previous trauma or infection or I imagine you would have mentioned that.

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Many small swellings that we develop that don't go away on their own ed up being small cysts or even a lipoma. A lipoma is a small benign growth of fat tissue that can feel soft and puffy. Occasionally a swelling in the neck can be an enlarged lymph node. This can occur in response to an infection, or in response to another process going on inside the body. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take a detailed history of any symptoms you are having and perform a thorough physical exam of your neck region. This may be enough to identify the swelling. If your doctor is at all concerned about this swelling in your neck, he or she will order an imaging test of this region. Probably the highest yield test would be a CT scan, though an MRI is possible as well. Good luck.

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