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"Is underwater running a therapeutic exercise for injured runners?"

ZocdocAnswersIs underwater running a therapeutic exercise for injured runners?


How can I stay active after developing achilles tendonitis?


There are a variety of exercises that are helpful after developing achilles tendonitis to strengthen and stretch the muscles to avoid further injury. Things to discuss with your primary care doctor include how long ago did you sustain the injury and what have you tried to date to help alleviate the pain, such as icing or heating packs, stretching, whirlpools, nsaids, muscle relaxants, and other types of antiinflammatory medications. Your primary care doctor has a variety of medications, exercise regimens and other nontraditional options available to help you overcome the pain and strengthen your muscles. It is important that you discuss all your concerns with him or her as she will best be able to answer your questions and concerns and point you in the right direction on your way to recovery. He or she may also recommend physical or occupational therapy as these are very good ways to help you improve your strength and decrease the pain you are experiencing. There are other good options including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, or acupressure and your primary care doctor can make recommendations on who to see or point you towards the right direction. The first step is to discuss this with your primary care doctor.

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