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"Are there benefits of therapeutic exercises for rehab patients?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there benefits of therapeutic exercises for rehab patients?


I am a 32 year old drug addict. Is there a type of therapeutic exercise that is good for addiction


Therapy has many different benefits. Depending on the type of rehab that is utilized and the needs for which it is performed, the benefits can have lifelong effects at improving the ability to perform as needed. Some examples include the physical therapy that is used to help patients recover from surgery or from a stroke, where the need is obvious and the results are often quickly realized and obvious to all. Your question indicates that you are seeking rehab from a drug addiction. There are many exercises that are available to help people like you, and many of them center on meeting with groups of people who have experienced similar problems. One highly successful example that you may be aware of involves the 12 step program used by alcoholics anonymous centers. During these group meetings, members speak about their feelings and frustrations, and work together to support each other in overcoming a behavior that they know adversely affects their life. While this sort of activity may be appropriate for you, each person is different. As you have a desire to overcome this behavior, please speak to your physician or psychiatrist about the method that may be the most effective for you.

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