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"How successful is thyroid cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersHow successful is thyroid cancer?


What are the chances of me living a full life after treatment? I am 40 this year.


It sounds as though you are asking a question about the success of thyroid cancer treatment. The best person with whom to discuss this question is the physician (probably a surgeon) who handled your thyroid surgery. He or she can provide the specific information about the type of tumor that you had and any follow-up you will need. Overall, thyroid cancer is very treatable if caught early. It is also not particularly unusual in a younger age group, including patients such as yourself. The most important thing is to catch the disease at an early enough stage that it can be surgically removed without any spread to other parts of the body. There is only one subtype of thyroid cancer (called anaplastic thyroid cancer) that carries a poor prognosis since this type of tumor has often spread by the time of diagnosis. However, the most common types of thyroid tumors--including those most often found in patients your age--have an excellent overall prognosis. As you probably know, you will likely need to be on replacement thyroid hormone for the rest of your life to make up for the normal thyroid tissue that was taken out along with your tumor. However, that is not a problem for most patients.

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