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"Why does my eye tic randomly?"


Sometimes, especially late at night, my eye tics. Why? I't been getting especially bad lately.


There are a number of possibilities for why your eye would tic, so some things to consider and discuss with your primary care doctor include whether you are having any changes in your vision, double or blurry vision, or decrease in your visual acuity? Have you had less sleep than normal or have had a greater amount of stress than normal? Have you had any changes in your diet recently? These are important things to consider and discuss the answers with your primary care doctor who will be able to best decide what the appropriate work up would include. He or she may decide to send off lab tests or imaging studies, or perhaps refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. In general, if you are describing eyelid twitching, this is not uncommon especially during periods of stress or lack of sleep.

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Of course, there are many other possibilities that are more concerning and therefore it is important that you discuss your concerns with your primary care doctor as he or she will best be able to decide whether this is something concerning which requires further work up or something that can be observed.

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