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"Does rapid blinking mean I have Tourette's Syndrome?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes rapid blinking mean I have Tourette's Syndrome?


I blink so much people can never take my picture. I am worried something is wrong with me. Tourette's maybe?


Tourette's syndrome is a mental disorder in which people develop tics. Tics are stereotypical movements or vocalizations that people have a sudden urge to carry out. One example of a tic is rapid eye blinking that occurs without the person being actually trying to blink their eyes. These movements are controllable if the person desires not to blink their eye, but this takes a lot of concentration. If the person is not concentrating on not performing the movement, then the tic comes out. The eye blinking phenomenon does not cause people to blink their eyes all the the time, and it shouldn't interfere with taking a picture. The eye movements would come at discrete times where someone would blink their eyes very rapidly for a few seconds then stop. While Tourette's has been made famous by the sudden outburst of obscenities, this symptom is actually quite rare. Most of the tics that people have with Tourette's does not involve swearing. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. While your primary care doctor may not know the best treatment for Tourette's, he or she will know whether your eye blinking represents a tic, or just a normal occurrence. Good luck.

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