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"Does my son need trauma counseling after getting beaten up at school?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes my son need trauma counseling after getting beaten up at school?


My son had his finger broken at school. Now he seems so scared around his peers. Should we get him counseling?


I am very sorry to hear that your son was the victim of school bullying or school violence. This is a serious issue that should be taken seriously, not only to protect your son's mental health and social development but also to prevent future episodes from occurring. I would suggest taking your son to see his pediatrician or his psychiatrist (if he has one) as an initial point of contact. This will give his doctors a chance to assess his current status and see if he has any signs that he is suffering from anxiety, depression, or another problem after this incident. In addition to sharing your concerns with his doctors, make sure to leave the room and give your son a chance to talk alone with his doctor, in case there are things that he wishes to disclose but feels uncomfortable talking about with you. You may also want to touch base with your son's school principal and his teachers, if you have not done so already. School bullying is a serious issue, and it is important that school officials take steps to ensure that a safe environment at school is available both to your son and to other students.

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