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"Why is reducing stress so difficult for a college student?"


My 21 year old daughter seems on the verge of a breakdown each time I see her. She's tried to reduce stress but doesn't seem able to. How can I help?


Stress is a common feeling that we all go through. In fact, stress can be good (known as eustress) as it helps us focus, motivates us and allows for better performance. However, if stress becomes overwhelming and disruptive, then it is something that must be addressed.

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I would recommend that you have your doctor see her primary care doctor (her pediatrician or her adult medicine doctor). This should be addressed. Stress can cause many problems as you are aware. If it is interfering with her life and causing trouble, then you should have this addressed. The first step in treating this is discovering what is causing it. Often college is a time of social, academic and professional change. Problems with friends, family and classes can all be overwhelming. By talking to your daughter and discovering the cause, this can then be addressed. If there is no specific cause, your daughter may be suffering from other disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder, depression and rarely, psychosis can present at this. Therefore a doctor can be helpful in discussing this with your daughter. There are some medical treatments for stress, but none that are proven. The real key is identifying the cause. Talk to your daughter. Good luck!

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