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"Can tonsillitis cause mono?"

ZocdocAnswersCan tonsillitis cause mono?


I wonder because I am starting to get really sick like mono since my tonsil swell up?


From the tone of your question, I suspect you have noticed the very familiar signs of infectious mononucleosis, one of which is swelling and pain of your tonsils. Also, judging by your question, it seems that you are having some other fatigue symptoms that are extremely common with this virus as well. If you are noticing that your tonsils are swollen, then infectious mononucleosis is definitely a possibility that you should explore with your primary care doctor, who will ask about your past history with the virus, as well as recent exposures. While bacterial tonsillitis can also cause fatigue and feelings of not being well, this is generally marked by high fevers and a very sore throat, and is less common in adults. Depending on your age, recent exposures, and other variables, either bacterial tonsillitis (often called strep throat, because of the causative agent) or infectious mononucleosis could be the cause. Your primary care doctor will be able to use a rapid test to determine quickly if either of these is likely to be the cause of your current illness, and will then be able to tailor your further therapy. Please speak to your primary care doctor soon.

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