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"How can I deal with the low self esteem resulting from having so many zits?"


I am 24 and my entire face is covered in pimples. I have very low self esteem. I dont think anyone will ever find me beautiful. Should I see a psychologist?


Here are some things to consider which will help to answer your questions. Have you always had difficulty with acne, or has this started recently? Have you been evaluated by a dermatologist for this acne or any other medical professional? Do you have any medical problems? The answers to these questions, along with conducting a clinical exam, will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up, including lab tests or a referral to a specialist. It sounds like there are two issues of concern, one being the fact that you have a problem with acne and the other problem being the decreased self confidence related to this acne problem.

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You may consider being evaluated first by a primary care doctor or dermatologist for the issues of acne as perhaps they may be able to offer some treatment options to help you decrease your acne. In this way, this may help you improve your self esteem. If you feel that you have low self esteem and that this may or may not be related to the acne, you should consider seeing a therapist who can help you deal with the issues you are having with self esteem as well.

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