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"Can I have surgery to get my zits removed?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I have surgery to get my zits removed?


Are there any surgical procedures that can clear my skin?


Unfortunately, there are no surgical procedures that will work or are approved for acne. Any surgical procedure that would remove pimples, zits, cysts, and other results of acne would produce a lot more trauma and scarring that would ever be desirable. The good news is that we have great options for the treatment of acne that do not involve a procedure. The first line treatment for acne is topical benzoyl peroxide. This is a type of medication that helps to dry up pores that produce oil, and kill bacteria that grow in those pores. If this type of medication does not work, then topical or oral antibiotics can be tried. Another second line product is topical retinoids. These are compounds that resemble vitamin A that also help to dry out pores. Finally, we have an oral medication called isotretinoin (Accutane) that works well for almost all types of acne. Accutane is used as a last resort because it does carry with it some side effects that are not desirable. Since you have mentioned surgery for your acne, I imagine that you have already tried the over the counter medications. Thus, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. This type of doctor can help you find a medication that will really help you with your skin problems. Good luck.

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