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"What can my testicle lump be other than cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can my testicle lump be other than cancer?


Could an infection cause a lump on my testes?


Testicular lumps do not always represent cancer. There are various different reasons to have testicular lumps. These range from benign conditions to more serious ones. Firstly, depending on your age, your clinical history, your sexual history, and more information about your symptoms, accompanied with a physical exam and some lab tests, your doctor can best help you about further evaluation and treatment. Small cauliflower like lumps on your testicle may represent warts. Other tiny bumps may just represent normal sweat glands. Dilated veins around your scrotum with a "bag of worms" appearance may represent a benign condition called a varicocele. Other fluid collections around the scrotum that may be soft in texture may represent a hydrocele. Furthermore, pain, tenderness, and redness around the scrotum may represent infection. More serious conditions range from cancer (which although rare, is the most common solid tumor in men aged 15 to 35 and are usually hard, painless growths). These are some of the different possibilities of a testicular lump. But as mentioned above, it is very important to openly discuss your concerns with your primary doctor. Your doctor can help with your questions, can alleviate some of your concerns if that is the case, and guide you in the right direction depending on your clinical situation.

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