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"How long do withdrawal symptoms last?"


I stopped doing cocaine and am feeling withdrawal symptoms. How long will they linger?


First, I congratulate you on quitting cocaine. This was a tough thing for you to do, and the road you have ahead will continue to have challenges. Most of the withdrawal symptoms you are having will begin to subside for a few days, but may not go away completely for weeks to months.

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This is true for the anxiety, itching mood swings and paranoia among others. The cravings are a different story. Cravings for cocaine will be very strong in the first few days, will subside with the other symptoms of withdrawal, but may continue at a lower level for years. It is for this reason that you should always consider yourself to be still recovering from cocaine addition. Luckily there are excellent resources available to help you quite cocaine. These include medications that may reduce cravings, and group therapy that can help you quite. I think you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Your doctor may be able to help you during your withdrawal period to relieve some of the symptoms. You can then set up a followup appointment for a couple of months later to make sure that you are still able to stay clean. Finally, your doctor can help hook you up with one of the groups such as cocaine addicts anonymous.

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