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"What would cause blood in my urine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would cause blood in my urine?


I am a health 21 year old girl. Why am I seeing blood in my urine? Does it have anything to do with my period?


Blood, or red looking substances in the urine can be caused by many different things. The fact that you mentioned your period is very insightful. In fact many cases of hematuria (the medical term for blood in the urine) can be attributed to blood that gets there by way of the vaginal bleeding of menses. There are too many other causes to give you a complete list here. Some examples of the common causes of hematuria include urinary tract infection kidney stones, and trauma to the kidneys or bladder. Sometimes our urine turns red, but it isn't because of blood. If you suffered a muscle injury, the contents of your muscle can spill into the blood turning your urine red. Damage to your red blood cells can do the same thing. Finally, your urine can turn red because of certain things in your diet such as red beets. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take a history of any symptoms you are having, perform a physical exam, and get a urinalysis on your urine. This will tell your doctor how much blood is in your urine, and if there are any obvious causes such as a urinary tract infection. Your doctor may also ask you to come back when you period is over. Good luck.

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