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"What are the symptoms of a hernia?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of a hernia?


I know they are painful, but can I still jog with a hernia?


Hernia is a term used to describe anything that protrudes out of the location that it is supposed to be. Most hernias that we talk about in medicine are hernias of the abdominal contents. Once common place for them to occur is in the inguinal area, which is near the genitalia. Hernias in this area result in a small bulge of tissue where there shouldn't be any. Often there is bowel in this small bulge. As long as the bowel is not being compressed, there may not be any symptoms of a hernia at all. This is why some of them are noticed on a routine physical exam on a person that did not even know anything was wrong. Some hernias are mild enough that one can do most physical activities. Others are larger and physical activity should be reduced. Sometimes a hernia can cause the bowel to be compressed which can be very dangerous to your health. The potential for this complication is why you should get the hernia repaired surgically. I suggest that you schedule a consultation with a general surgeon. Hernia repairs is something they do every week. The two of you can discuss if you have a hernia and if anything surgically needs to be done about it.

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