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"What causes abdominal pain in the morning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes abdominal pain in the morning?


Sometimes I wake up and feel a small knot in the bottom right side of my abdomen. What could cause this?


Abdominal pain is a very common complaint. There are numerous causes of this -- some of which are minor and some of which are very serious. I would recommend discussing this with your doctor. Without a discussion, exam and potentially some blood work -- the possibilities are truly endless. One way to think about abdominal pain is to think about what structure are located there that could be causing pain. Appendicitis (or inflammation of the appendix) is located in the bottom right of the abdomen -- but this is more often over a short period of time and persistent. There can be chronic appendicitis, but this is more rare. The right bottom area also has the colon. A common cause of pain in the morning is constipation -- which can cause pain. Other structures in the area include the pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, bladder and kidney. In women, ovaries and the uterus can also cause this. The hip bones, skin and nerves in the area can also cause pain. In general, there are some warning signs that mean you should see your doctor earlier -- nausea, vomiting, fevers, diarrhea and weight loss. If you are experiencing any of these I would recommend seeing your doctor earlier. Good luck!

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