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"How can I prepare for abdominal wall surgery?"


How invasive is abdominal wall surgery?


The answer to your question depends greatly on what type of abdominal wall surgery you are having. There are many different types of surgery that involve the abdominal wall many with very different goals and objectives. The best physician to ask about this issue is the surgeon who will be performing the procedure.

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Many surgeries that are just of the abdominal wall are done to fix hernias. This is where there is a defect in the abdominal wall that allows the abdominal contents (GI track) to protrude outside the wall. A hernia surgery is done to fix this defect and prevent the abdominal contents from sticking out. This type of surgery is not very invasive, and typically involves a hospital stay less than 24 hours. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your surgeon. At that appointment you can have the surgeon show you a diagram of what the procedure will involve. You should also have him or her explain to you the risks that you are taking with the surgery so that you can compare them to the potential benefits. With most surgeries, the potential benefits outweigh the risks. Finally, you should ask your surgeon what your expected time of recovery will be. Good luck.

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