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"Does acne go away when I hit 20?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes acne go away when I hit 20?


I am 19 now and I figure the acne can't stay with me forever. When will it go away?


For most people that have acne, their skin seems to be the worse when they are going through puberty during their adolescent years. Thus, between the ages of 14 and 18 is when it can often be the worst. The reason for this is that this time in our lives is when our skin pores produce the largest amount of skin oil (called sebum). As we get older, the amount of sebum made decreases which usually means a decrease in the number of pimples you have. However, there is no magic age in which acne suddenly fades away. Some people experience acne into their 20s and 30s. This is why it is never too late to have your acne treated. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your skin, judge the severity of your acne, and review what has been tried thus far. If you have never been tried an acne medication, then now would be a good time to start. Your doctor may start you off on a skin cream with the medication benzoyl peroxide. This is a medication which helps dry out your pores and kill the bacteria in the pores. I hope your skin gets better soon.

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