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"Is acupuncture better than massage?"


I have really bad stress, and I feel crazy lately. Which will relieve stress better?


There are many studies that have looked at the potential benefits of both acupuncture and therapeutic massage, and the results are beyond this discussion. Before beginning any type of therapeutic interventions for your stress, it is important that you discuss this with your primary care doctor as he or she can make sure there are no other underlying medical concerns that must be addressed. In general, both these are viable options to help you with the stress you are having, and in general, it may be more related to personal preference which you find to be more helpful with regards to relieving some of this stress.

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When discussing these issues related to stress management with your primary care doctor, also discuss with them other forms of potential non-medication related stress relief options such as yoga, breathing exercises, biofeedback exercises and other possible stress management and relaxation techniques. Of course, there are also a number of stress relieving medications that you may benefit from. The first and most important step to begin on the road to improving the issues of stress is to see your primary care physician who can decide upon further work and treatment options.

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