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"is ADD a curable disease?"

ZocdocAnswersis ADD a curable disease?


I don't want to pump my kid full of medicine. Is there anything natural I can give him to help him focus?


Attention deficit disorder is a common condition in childhood, characterized by distractibility, difficulty completing tasks, difficulty with relationship, and sometimes hyperactivity. Children with attention deficit disorder often have other behavioral problems and learning disabilities as well. A bit part of working with children with attention deficit disorder is good parenting and teaching strategies. Children with attention deficit disorder do benefit from clear, consistent parenting, structure routines and home and at school, and specialized instructional settings, such as smaller classrooms with more staff. You should work with your child's school to work out what educational accommodations can be made. At the same time, for many children with attention deficit disorder, these strategies are not sufficient. If your child is suffering a lot at school or at home due to their symptoms, then medications are probably needed. Unfortunately, there are no good natural remedies for attention deficit disorder. On the other hand, the medications that are used for attention deficit disorder are safe and well tolerated. Furthermore, children often only need to take them during school months and the may be able to have medication holidays on weekends or over the summer. Start by talking to your pediatrician or your child psychiatrist.

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