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"Should ADD be treated with medication?"

ZocdocAnswersShould ADD be treated with medication?


What other options exist? I am self diagnosed with ADD.


First of all, it is important to be formally diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, rather than self diagnosing yourself. I would suggest that you see a psychiatrist or your primary care doctor if you think you might have attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder is increasingly being diagnosed in adults. The symptoms of attention deficit disorder in adults can include trouble concentrating, impulse control, mood swings, and trouble completing tasks. Importantly, these symptoms have to cause significant impairment. Therefore if you are doing fine is school, at work, and in your relationships, this makes the likelihood that this is attention deficit disorder much less. Similarly, most people who have adult attention deficit disorder also have a history of symptoms as a child or teenager; if this is not the case, it makes the diagnosis less likely. If you are formally diagnosed by your doctor with attention deficit disorder, then there are multiple effective treatment options. Usually some counseling or cognitive therapy can be helpful to help you acquire useful coping strategies. However, the mainstay of treatment is one of several medications, and most adults who are diagnosed with the disorder do end up going on medications in order to control their symptoms. Talk to your doctor!

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