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"Am I hyperactive?"


I don't think I used to have ADHD, but now I'm 25 and cannot focus. Is it because of the internet?


There are many potential reasons for being unable to maintain your focus. First of all, I would pay attention to your lifestyle. If you are too stressed, are not getting sufficient sleep, or the like, then this may impair your focus.

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You may want to try, initially to get plenty of sleep, eat well rounded, nutritious meals, and exercise regularly and see if your symptoms improve. If this doesn't work then you should next ask if your inability to concentrate is impairing your social or work life or other important aspects of your life. I say this because one of the diagnostic criteria for attention deficit disorder is that the inability to focus should cause impairment in work, school, or other ares of life. If you are doing fine in all of these areas, then it is less likely that you are suffering from attention deficit disorder. However, if you are concerned, then I would recommend going to see a psychiatrist. Unlike as is the case with children, most primary care doctors do not treat adult attention deficit disorder themselves, but I am sure that your primary care doctor will be will to make a referral for you to a psychiatrist if you do not already have one.

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