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"Will allergy shots prevent an allergic reaction completely?"

ZocdocAnswersWill allergy shots prevent an allergic reaction completely?


What is the point of allergy shots? I have heard you can completely conquer allergies.


Allergy shots are a type of immunotherapy that is designed to trick your immune system into not reacting to an allergen anymore. In some people allergy shots can be very effective. They are not a miracle cure, but they can sometimes result in a great reduction in symptoms. Allergy shots are actually shots that have very low amounts of the allergen itself. Each shot has a slightly higher concentration of the allergen allowing the body to get used to it little by little. The shots require you to go back to the doctors office many times and can be a burden on your schedule. Since the shots are designed to desensitize people to one allergen, they only work for one allergy and won't conquer all of your allergies. In addition they can be expensive. Thus, they are usually reserved for people that have tried other forms of allergy therapy including medications and have not gotten relief. Also, people that have severe life threatening allergies can sometimes benefit from shots. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an allergy specialist (also known as an allergist). He or she will look at your allergy record and determine what you are allergic and if you warrant a trial for allergy shots. Good luck.

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