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"Is there any way to predict an aneurysm?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to predict an aneurysm?


How can I tell if I'm going to have an aneurysm?


For most people, screening for aneurysms is not an effective exercise. As with most rare diseases, looking for aneurysms in otherwise healthy people is not an effective thing to do, both from a cost and a health point of view. First, looking for aneurysms generally requires some sort of imaging such as a CT. Even though this imaging isn't 100%, there are a certain number of people who can have an allergy to the dye used in the imaging process, and also a certain number of people who will develop cancer because of the extra radiation exposure. Those risks negate or at least reduce the net benefit of finding only a very small number of people who would actually have an aneurysm that would show up on CT. There are exceptions, however, which generally occur when the pretest probability is higher. For example, if there is a good chance that you have an aneurysm because of either family history or a medical condition that you may have, your doctor may wish to screen you for aneurysms. It would be worth it because your doctor would have at least some reason to believe you have one. Please speak to your doctor for more information.

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