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"How should I protect an ankle injury?"

ZocdocAnswersHow should I protect an ankle injury?


I play soccer and have sprained my ankle twice this season. Should I wear some sort of brace in the future?


Unfortunately, ankle sprains often do not heal the way the way we want them to and often one injury leaves the ankle vulnerable to more injuries. This is why ankle sprains need to be cared for properly when they occur for the first time. When you first get an ankle sprain, it is always important for you to be seen by a physician so that the appropriate therapy can be initiated. Anyone that gets a ankle sprain (especially athletes such as yourself) should have physical therapy. This helps to restrengthen the ankle and prevent pain and future injury. In addition, a brace or restrictive tape can be helpful in preventing injury from recurring while playing a sport like soccer. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a sports medicine specialist. Some primary care physicians do a fair amount of sports injury medicine, so you could ask your primary doctor first what he or she recommends. You need a qualified physician to look at your ankle and make sure that there are no major injuries that would need intervention. You will probably benefit from physical therapy on your ankle which may help to prevent longer term pain in the ankle and may help prevent further injury. You will also probably need to get fitted for an ankle brace that can be used whenever you play soccer.

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