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"Should alcoholics also seek anger counseling?"

ZocdocAnswersShould alcoholics also seek anger counseling?


I am a 33 year old alcoholic with anger issues. Should I got to both AA and anger management?


In most cases, it certainly would not hurt for someone with both alcohol and anger issues to undergo counseling for both of these problems separately. It is something that you could discuss in depth with your primary care doctor. My gut reaction to this question is to say that I think you should focus first on the alcohol issues before your deal with specifically the anger issues. This is not to discount the effect of anger on both your health and your relationship with others. Alcoholism and anger can ofter be tied together. Therefore, if you focus on kicking your drinking habit, then you will likely see your anger issues helped as well. If they are not, then you can address those at a later date. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can discuss both of your issues and help you decide what is the next best step. Most likely, the first step is for you to start therapy with a group such as alcoholic's anonymous. You can also discuss medications that could assist you in quitting by decreasing your cravings for alcohol or making alcohol consumption less rewarding or downright uncomfortable. Good luck with quitting.

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