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"Can a couple attend anger counseling together?"


Should we attend separately? We both lose our cools way too easily.


It sounds like marriage or couples counseling might be an option for you. However, marriage or couples counseling does require that both individuals be interested and committed to attending and to talking with each other and the counselor and working through their issues. Marriage or couples counseling is much less effective when one of the participants is only their because of the other and not because they are also committed to the process.

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If the main issues that you are dealing with is that you frequently fight with each other, than couples counseling might be a good way to address these issues. The problem is probably more broad than simple anger management and has most likely a lot to do with other expectations and problems in the relationships and difficulties with relating to each other. At the same time, individual counseling or therapy is also not a bad idea. Probably the ideal situation is to have time to have both couples counseling as well as individual counseling, which allows you both to benefit both from time alone with a therapist as well as time together. Talk to your psychologist or therapist to see what approach they would recommend for your situation.

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