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"How common are miscarriages?"


I think I am pregnant and starting to be concerned.


A miscarriage is when a pregnancy spontaneously terminates before the 3rd trimester. Miscarriages are very common early in a pregnancy and are a bit less common later in pregnancies. The most likely time for women to have a miscarriage is in the 1st trimester.

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While the cause of a specific miscarriage is usually never known, many of them are thought to be due to abnormal genes in the fetus that prevent it from being able to survive. The frequency of miscarriages is not known for sure. This is because there are many miscarriages that are never noticed. Many times a pregnancy will miscarry in the first 2 weeks of life. When this occurs, the women may just think that her period is a week late and doesn't think about it anymore. If you think that you are pregnant, then you should find out for sure. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. You can take a home pregnancy test before if you'd like. If you are pregnant, then you and your doctor can discuss ways to increase you chances of having a healthy pregnancy. This will include getting regular checkups, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and taking prenatal vitamins.

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