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"What is the treatment for nerve palsy cause by high blood presure?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the treatment for nerve palsy cause by high blood presure?


I am 30 years old women, just recently discoverd i have 6th nerve palsy due to HBP. Wondering if there is treatment or cure to this. would like to be able to move my eye to the side. I have it only in one eye.


A cranial nerve palsy, which is what you have that is limiting the ability to move your eye, is a serious medical symptom. There are many things that can cause a cranial nerve palsy, including brain tumors, high blood pressure, and various infections among others. I would definitely make sure that you have had a full medical workup by your internal medicine doctor or neurologist to make sure that there is nothing else going on prior to attributing this solely to high blood pressure. If it does turn out that your high blood pressure is causing the nervy palsy, then this is quite serious. This is because it mean that your blood pressure is significantly high that there is damage to the small blood vessels that control this nerve. If there is damage to this blood vessel, there may also be damage to other blood vessels. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you work with your doctor to control your blood pressure definitively. It is very likely that the palsy will improve if you get your pressure under control. Also, you may need a complete evaluation for the cause of your blood pressure elevation, because it is not common for 30 year old women to have pressures high enough to cause a nerve palsy. Talk to your doctor!

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