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"What to expect after end stage renal failure?"


What symptoms? My brother is currently in endstage renal failure. He is now in Dialyses three times a week and now needs to go five days this week because of fluid buildup. Whats next and please be straight.


The answer to your question depends on several factors. First, some people have end stage renal failure that is reversible to a certain extent. Some people that start on dialysis only need to be on it for a short time.

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while their kidneys recover. Some people's kidneys never recover, meaning that they need dialysis 3 times per week (or more) indefinitely. While this is quite a hassle, it is necessary to keep someone with end stage renal disease alive. It is usually the goal of the person with end stage renal disease to eventually get a kidney transplant. If your brother is otherwise healthy, then he may be a candidate for this. The key is to begin the transplant evaluation process as soon as possible. He must never miss a doctor's appointment and always take his medicines exactly on time. Noncompliance with the health care system usually is a barrier for someone trying to get a transplant. I suggest that your brother schedule an appointment with his nephrologist. He or she will be able to explain what he is to expect going forward in terms of dialysis, and the possibility of recovering some renal function. Finally, the two of them can begin speaking about the transplant process.

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