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"What would make my bottom number on my blood pressure low as 67?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would make my bottom number on my blood pressure low as 67?


My blood pressure is 124 over 67. I take Benicar and metroprolol


While it is unclear what your normal blood pressure is, the numbers that you describe in your question would be entirely acceptable for most people. In general, an optimal blood pressure for those attempting to control their blood pressure is near the values of 120 (systolic, the first number, which is assessed with the contraction or beat of the heart) and 80 (diastolic, the bottom number, which is calculated from the relaxation phase of your heart beat). This would read as 120/80, and would be excellent for most people. Things that will cause variation in these numbers include chronic disease, stiffening of the arteries, poor blood flow, the amount of salt in your diet, and myriad other factors. In general, the best way to assess what your numbers really mean is by measuring them for extended periods of time and then following up with the same physician so that you can determine what an optimal blood pressure is. Values too high can put strain on your heart and blood vessels that can lead to disease later in life. Values too low can indicate difficulty getting blood to all of the different parts of your body. Please continue to follow your blood pressure with your doctor.

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