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"What are the psychological effects of using a wheelchair?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the psychological effects of using a wheelchair?


I was in a car crash and had to be in a wheelchair for a while. I live in Manhattan and it was so daunting having everyone rush around me. I felt so small and insignificant and helpless. Will seeing a therapist help me come to terms with my situation?


The benefits of seeing a therapist for those who are having difficulty coping with a change in their health or some other traumatic aspect of their lives are numerous. There are many times that it would be appropriate to seek the counsel of a qualified health professional, and if you feel that you are continuing to suffer from the fallout of your accident, then it would be entirely reasonable to meet with a therapist. Many people will find that it there is some element of post-traumatic stress disorder that accompanies any traumatic event. One of the major approaches to treatment is via psychotherapy, or discussing your fears with someone. Others will find that there are medications that can help to relieve the tension that continues long after the accident. Your primary care doctor, a person that hopefully knows you well and has been with you through the time that you have been recovering from your accident, would be a great source of information on this topic. He or she would be able to listen and make recommendations based on the additional information that you provide, which will allow you to meet with the most appropriate professional. Please speak to your doctor.

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