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"What type of wound care should I receive after spraining my ankle?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat type of wound care should I receive after spraining my ankle?


Do I need to even see my doctor? My wife seems to think so, but I just wrapped up my ankle and elevated it for a while.


Ankle problems are very common. We all go through common strains/sprains of the joint. Often, there are no serious problems and this will heal on its own. I would recommend that you do see if your doctor if you have serious pain. The first consideration with ankle pain is if this represents a broken ankle or a ruptured ligament or tendon. These are serious things that need to be addressed as they will not heal on there own. It is difficult to determine if one of these serious things has occurred, or if you have just a minor strain or sprain. The best sign of a serious problem is either serious pain, inability to bear weight on the leg, or severe swelling. If any of these are occurring -- then please see your doctor at once. If not, you likely have a simple sprain or strain, which is inflammation of the muscle tendons. This heals on its own. The ways to help aide the inflammation reduction is to REST the ankle, ICE the ankle, Compression of the ankle with a wrap, ELEVATE the ankle. Finally, NSAIDs like ibuprofen or motrin can help decrease inflammation -- but some people with stomach problems or kidney problems can't tolerate these. Good luck!

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