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"Do I need wound care if I slip and fall on my back?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need wound care if I slip and fall on my back?


I fell on my back after slipping on a pool of water and it healed after a few days but I think I should check into it since these things tend to come back later on in life. Am I overdoing it?


I am assuming that you got a cut or scrape when you feel on your back. If you can look in a mirror at the cut area and if it is well healed then I don't think you need to worry about it coming back again. On the other hand, if the cut area is still open, if there is any spreading redness around the cut, or if there is any pus or other significant drainage then these could be signs of a worsening infection and you would want to get that checked out by your doctor. Fortunately, most minor cuts and scrapes, such as those you might get from slipping at the pool, are not very serious and the body's immune system is good at fighting them off. Generally speaking, common sense first aid measures are all that is needed. These include washing out the area with water and applying an antibacterial ointment, which you can get over the counter in your pharmacy. Most cuts and scrapes, if treated like this, will clear up in several days, although some minor color changes or scabbing may persist for a few weeks. Talk to your primary care doctor for more information about this issue!

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