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"Is wrist pain common among tennis players?"

ZocdocAnswersIs wrist pain common among tennis players?


I play tennis and find it hurts my game a lot. Should I wear a brace or play less frequently?


A good rule of thumb for anyone that engages in regular physical activity is that, if something hurts, you should avoid it. Obviously, tennis provides excellent cardiovascular exercise that is beneficial to your health and well being (in addition to being enjoyable!), and so it would be good to feel well enough to continue. Tennis does frequently cause pain and overuse injuries to many parts of the body, including the wrist and elbow. Unfortunately, continuing to use an injured joint or muscle causes us to adapt to protect the injured body part, which makes us use movements that are not typical and can lead to increased injury in the same body part or even the other parts that may be attempting to over-correct for the injury. Braces can provide some protection, but should be used with care as they can, ironically, make injuries more likely if not used correctly, or even in the brief spans where you are not using the brace. For this reason, any chronic pain, which it appears that you are having, should be evaluated by your primary care doctor. In instances of sports related injuries like yours, a sports medicine specialist might provide additional insight, and your primary care doctor can refer you to one as needed. Please speak with your doctor.

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