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"How can I gain fat if I am very thin?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I gain fat if I am very thin?


I am so thin everyone makes fun of me, I hate it. How can I get my weight up? I am 20 and male.


Our perception of our body image is a difficult thing to understand. We see so many examples of people who would love to be thin (probably those who make fun of you!), and then there is another segment that have a hard time gaining weight. As physicians, it is our job to make sure that people are healthy so that they can have the highest quality of life. Eating a regular and balanced diet is an important part of that. While you will eventually gain weight by eating fast food, the ill effects it will have on your health (high blood pressure, heart problems, potentially cancer, and a host of other problems) are not worth the price. Additionally, that weight would be likely to be concentrated in your abdomen, which is the place that men deposit most of their fat. A better alternative is to gain healthy weight, which is not as easy. For most men, resistance training (such as lifting weights in a gym) provides an opportunity to increase their body weight in a healthy way, by adding muscle. You will need to make sure that your diet contains adequate protein and other nutrients for this to happen. Your primary care doctor will be able to give you further advice and make specific recommendations. Please speak to him or her.

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