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"Is it safe to pierce your belly button?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to pierce your belly button?


Does it make you more likeyl to get infections or anything?


Anytime you break the barrier of your skin for any reason, there is a risk of infection. This is because the skin is the most important defense system your body has to prevent infection. There are many different types of bacteria that live on top of the skin and cause infections if they are aloud into the skin. Thus there is a chance of infection if you have anything pierced or tattooed. Most places that do piercings perform the necessary sterilization of their instruments and clean the skin appropriately before sticking in the needle. While this process helps reduce the number of infections that can occur, the process is not perfect and depends on the integrity and skill of the person doing the piercing. Even if a piercing is done in the correct fashion, there is still a chance that the new wound can become infected if not cared for. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you can discuss the new piercing you want and how best to prevent any complications. It would not be a bad idea to schedule an appointment to see your doctor a few days after you get the piercing done so that the site can be examined. Your doctor can instruct you on how to best prevent infection after the piercing.

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