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"What are the tiny red dots on my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the tiny red dots on my skin?


They're on my neck and upper chest, and I am worried about them. I never seen them before two months ago.


It is always difficult to evaluate rashes and skin spots without more information than can be given in a one sentence question. Rashes and spots can come from so many different things, and they can be very difficult to diagnose even with the patient present. In order to be accurate, doctors often require a long and detailed medical history, allergic history, and any relevant symptoms that might be accompanying the spots. That being said, there are causes that range from bug bites, such as bed bugs, to allergic reactions (such as poison ivy or allergies to a necklace), to viruses and autoimmune diseases. If you have a history of any autoimmune disorders, that would be a significant hint as to what might be occurring. Otherwise, there are numerous rashes that are well described that don't have a clear explanation as to where they come from. In the majority of cases, meeting with your primary care physician is an excellent initial step. If the rash or spots are unusual, he or she will then refer you to a dermatologist, who is the skin specialist. Please speak to your doctor.

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