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"Can people see better with contact lenses than with glasses?"

ZocdocAnswersCan people see better with contact lenses than with glasses?


What's the difference? Is it just the peripheral vision? Do they fatigue the eyes less? I've always had 20/20 up until now and I'd like help deciding what route to take.


Contacts take some time to get used to. They can feel a little uncomfortable at first if you are new to them but, generally speaking, most new users become accustomed to wearing the contacts within a few weeks. Eye fatigue is difficult to predict with glasses versus contacts and depends a lot on a person's individual tear chemistry. For example, people who tend to have drier eyes may find that their eyes feels fatigued at the end of the day while wearing contacts; on the other hand, many people can wear contacts around the clock without any trouble at all. The main reason that people who wear contacts feel like their vision is better is the issue, as you mention, of peripheral vision. Glasses tend to obscure the peripheral vision, whereas obviously this is not the case with contacts. Also, depending on the shape of your eyes and your prescription needs, it is not uncommon for your eye doctor to slightly power up the contact prescription as compared to your glasses prescription. If you think you might be interested in trying contacts out, you should start by making an appointment with your eye doctor who will help you pick out the solution which is right for you.

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