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"Will soaking my feet cure my achilles tendonitis?"

ZocdocAnswersWill soaking my feet cure my achilles tendonitis?


I want to get back out on the track ASAP. What can I do to help my tendonitis? Should I try Epsom salts? I think I'll feel like an old dude.


As you probably know, achilles tendonitis is basically a type of overuse injury involving the achilles tendon. It is often slow to heal, because the achilles tendon is large and doesn't have very many blood vessels to speed healing. It is important to heal completely before stressing the tendon more, because achilles tendonitis does predispose to a risk of achilles tendon rupture, which is a major complication often requiring surgery. The mainstay of treating achilles tendonitis is rest. Additionally, sometimes compression of the tendon with elastic bandages can help, as can taking an anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naprosyn as directed by your doctor. Another common treatment is wearing heel elevating pads to relieve stress on the tendon while it heals. Soaking your feet may provide some local relief of pain or tenderness, but it will not in and of itself hasten healing. If things are not improving for you with these measures, you should see your primary care doctor or a sports medicine doctor to see if additional measures are needed. Also, you will want to visit an athletic shoe specialist to get fitted with shoes that correct any problems with your gait that may be predisposing you to the problem.

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