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"Should I have gum pain after getting a tooth pulled?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I have gum pain after getting a tooth pulled?


I had a tooth extracted last week and I'm still experiencing gum pain when I brush the neighboring teeth. Should I go back to the dentist? Will this go away?


When you have a tooth extracted, there is often localized inflammation and pain that should gradually get better over time. Often, however, it can last for a week or two. This is even more the case if you had the tooth extracted because of a tooth infection - this would mean more underlying inflammation that would take even longer to clear up. In order to reduce the inflammation and pain and ensure healing, you should follow the directions that your dentist likely gave you after the tooth extraction. These directions may include taking anti inflammatory medicines for pain, gargling with salt water, and gentle brushing of your teeth. If, despite these measures, things are not improving and you are concerned, then you should call your dentist to ask their advice. You should especially get advice or been seen by your dentist if you have fever, or if there is significant bleeding or worsening pain. Occasionally, the site of a tooth extraction can become infected, and this is something your dentist will be able to figure out when they look into your mouth. If there is an infection, they may decide that you need to take antibiotic medications to help clear things up.

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