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"Does gum pain mean I'm losing my teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes gum pain mean I'm losing my teeth?


I started experiencing gum pain all across my gums about a week ago. I am worried that my teeth will loosen and I will lose them. How series is this?


Maintaining a healthy gum is not only important in your dental health, but in your overall well-being. Gums are made of delicate tissue and an inflammation is almost always a cause of concern. There are a number of factors associated with gum pains. The duration and course of gum pain vary widely, depending on the cause. Symptoms caused by inflammation often have a sudden onset. Dental diseases are the most common cause of gum pain. You may have gingivitis or a more serious type of gum disease known as periodontitis, a condition in which the gums and bone that hold your teeth in place become infected from toxic substances released by bacteria on the teeth. The infection and inflammation that result when your body attacks the bacteria can degrade your gums and the bone in your jaw. If left untreated, periodontitis can worsen and ultimately lead to tooth loss. Gum pain is also found to accompany tooth decay and tooth abscess Another gum pain cause is an impacted wisdom tooth. Apart from dental conditions, some medical causes include canker sores and vitamin deficiency diseases or conditions, such as scurvy or iron deficiency anemia. Individuals with scurvy may lose some or all of their teeth. I strongly advise an immediate visit with a dentist to be evaluated for a possible periodontal (gum) disease or other underlying causes of gum pain and seek prompt treatments to reduce the risk of potential complications and permanent damage.

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