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"How can I hide the veins in my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I hide the veins in my eye?


I have very veiny eyes. Can I fix this somehow?


That is a great question. To begin with, here are some questions that may help us elucidate the answers to your questions. Have you always had veiny eyes, or have you noticed that they have progressively gotten worse? Do you have any problems with allergies, worsening redness in your eyes, blurry vision, or double vision? Do you notice that your eyes are always itchy or teary? The answers to these questions, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms. and clinical exam will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up and possible treatment options available for this. He or she may decide to send lab tests or imaging studies and perhaps even a referral to a specialist depending on what is found during the work up. In general, there are various over the counter methods that can help if you are having mainly problems with red eyes, itchy or watery eyes, or severe irritation of your eyes. You should discuss with your primary care doctor what possibilities there are to treat the abundance of veins that you have noticed in your eyes. Before you undergo any procedures, it is advisable that you consider the risks and benefits associated with undergoing such procedures.

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