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"Does every woman feel moody during her period?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes every woman feel moody during her period?


I never felt moody during my period until recently, since then I've been having horrible cramps and really crazy feeling moods. How much of a woman's moodiness has to do with general stress?


Have you noticed that you have had more stress in your life than normal? Are these mood swings affecting your day to day life and your interactions with other people? Is this new for you or have you had this problem in the past? The answers to these questions, along with your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical history will help your primary care doctor decide upon the appropriate work up and possible treatment options available. He or she may order lab tests, imaging studies or refer you to a specialist depending on what is found. In general, it may be normal that you have some of these mood swings and cramps, but if you have noticed that this is affecting your normal day to day life, your doctor may decide to start you on a medication or consider some other treatment options to help you with these mood swings and cramps, and any other symptoms you might be having related to your periods. Of course, it is important to be evaluated by your doctor who will be able to best evaluate you.

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