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"How often can I take the morning after pill?"

ZocdocAnswersHow often can I take the morning after pill?


Can I take it twice in one week? The condom broke both times.


As you know the morning after pill (also know as Plan B) is a form of emergency contraception that is available over the counter. The morning after pill is actually quite safe and it can be used as often as it is needed. So you can definitely use it twice in one week. However, you might want to think about a better form of primary contraception. The morning after pill does have several side effects, such as bloating, nausea, etc. You can expect to potentially have these side effects every time you use it. Additionally, it is relatively expensive. Finally, it can make your menstrual cycles very irregular after you use it. For all of these reasons, you might want to consider a primary form of contraception, like an oral contraceptive pill, an IUD, an implant, or Depo-Provera. These methods prevent contraception very effectively and will keep you from having to rely on the morning after pill (they also will save you money over the long run, if you are using Plan B frequently). Talk to your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor if you are interested in any of these contraceptive methods, and they will help you out.

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