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"Can I have breast reduction surgery on one breast if one breast is larger?"


I have one very large breast. Can I have the surgery done just on that breast? Who should I talk to about this?


Women's breasts are very often of different size and different shape. Such breast asymmetry is associated with rapid growth spurts prior and during puberty. One breast may respond more to surging estrogen levels, and disruptions in the cycles can cause the breasts to grow differently.

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Asymmetrical breasts often correct themselves over the time by the end of puberty and the size of the two breasts is often only slightly different. That being said, if it is a newly noticeable size difference, the question to ask is whether or not there is any cancerous tissue responsible for the asymmetrical growth. Therefore, I suggest a consultation with a primary care or gynecologist, if you haven't already, to be sure that there are no breast masses causing the discrepancy in size. After evaluating that all is normal, the doctor may refer you to a plastic surgeon for the breast reconstructive procedure. There are a number of different options available to correct breast asymmetry. Of course, you may choose to have a breast reduction on the larger breast only. This breast reduction procedure may also require a breast lift after fat or breast tissue is removed from the larger breast. Your surgeon can discuss more in details with you. Best of luck.

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